Thanks to their many styles, textures and colors, carpets help you create the atmosphere you want for your space, from the most subdued to the most dazzling. Carpet offers great value along with the general benefits of security, esthetic beauty, comfort underfoot and insulation factors, sound absorption and even some respiratory health advantages.

We are engaged in offering carpet flooring solutions of various brands like Desso, Milliken, Radici and Toucan T. These are available in various finishes and designs. The design of carpet varies from tiles to rolls, loop pile and cut pile, natural or synthetic. These products cater to the demands of commercial as well as residential sectors.

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Milliken is a company fueled by innovation and committed to design. By combining design with unique technologies and great insights, Milliken makes floor coverings that are more colorful and more customizable, tougher and longer lasting, softer and more sustainable. Milliken collections are inspired by the power and beauty that meaningful design can deliver.

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BLOQ is a carpet tile brand by Dutch manufacturer Betap. BLOQ offers a wide range of carpet tiles in contemporary designs, for every style and every space. Their products are high-performance tiles focused on office projects, that are sound absorbing and have the best results in fire safety. Discover the creative carpet produced following the strictest standards in sustainability.


Desso Commercial Carpets is a global carpet and carpet tiles company delivering unique, innovative and functional carpet products and services to its commercial customers in the office, education and healthcare sectors. The products are installed worldwide in offices, banks, retail units, public buildings, schools, universities, care centres and more.

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