Ceiling Systems first properties are acoustics improvement and air-cleaning effect, but at the same time they are created to enhance esthetic and space options.

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All systems are made up of modular elements standard or custom made, resistant, durable, easy to handle, simple and quick to install, inspected, certified, eco-friendly and designed for new generation interiors, thanks to the architectural elements of great aesthetic versatility.

CBI Europe’s Metal Ceilings and Coverings systems are made up of modular elements (panels, strips or grilles) and suspended by steel support structures. The space (technical area) that is created between the panel and the floor or the wall (on which the structure rests) is used to accommodate the plumbing and electrical wiring, and is 100% inspectable.

CBI Europe’s ceilings and metal coverings are soundproof, fire and moisture resistant, and are washable. Moreover they are free of toxic materials and finished with fungicidal and antibacterial coatings, therefore they can also be used in sterile environments such as canteens and hospitals.

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