Ceramic Tiles are a most common style today in floor and wall tiles, as well as for residential and commercial applications, indoors and outdoors. Our ceramic providers, such as Mirage, Atlas Concorde and Ragno, have developed solutions in ceramics that are capable of highlighting any project design, but at the same time are environmentally friendly.

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Florim is a manufacturer of porcelain tiles that offers surfaces for all requirements in architecture, interior design and building construction. The company occupies a consolidated position of leadership on the world ceramics stage for more than 50 years thanks to their iconic attention to research, innovation and social responsibility.

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Breaking the traditional concept of surfaces, Laminam is a full body Italian porcelain slab, exclusively large in size with minimum thickness. It is remarkably strong and has very high resistance to scratching and abrasion.

Laminam can be easily cleaned without affecting its surface characteristics. Suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications, Laminam is produced using advanced technologies, it is easy to clean, resistant to frost, fire, mould and mildew, and to the effect of UV rays.

The slabs, created with natural materials like quarry clays, granite rocks and ceramic pigments, do not release any substance into the environment.

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Since 1874, Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola has been a benchmark in the ceramics sector, a fact that it owes to a unique blend of tradition and innovation that is still a trademark of international excellence. The company has three brands: Imola, LaFaenza and Leonardo, part of a development strategy based on radical renewal. In this way, Cooperativa Ceramica d’Imola has become a worldwide symbol of Made in Italy.

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