The use of access floors in the workplace is rapidly gaining popularity since they present a solution that is specifically designed to support information-rich and highly computerised business environments.

The integrated access floor system is engineered to permit fast, easy installation and quick wire and cable changes, enhancing the ability to reconfigure the offices without disrupting power, voice and data services, as well as the air distribution system.

In new construction, the use of an access floor for service distribution can considerably reduce the overall building height, since floor plenums are usually shallower than ceiling plenums. Access floors can lower structural costs by allowing architects to reduce the floor-to-floor (slab-to-slab) height.

In addition, the adjustable access floor pedestals accommodate imperfections in the floor slab, allowing the floor to be laser-levelled. The construction schedule can also be tightened by eliminating the need for slab screeding. Installing an access floor system in your workplace allows for increased flexibility and brings with it a number of benefits. When you’re able to house your power, data and telecommunications underneath your access floor, you will find that your workplace is much more flexible.

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CBI Europe has been producing and supplying innovative, high-tech systems for interior finishes to customers all over the world for 30 years. The technical experience and the continuous development, make CBI Europe an ideal reference point for those who design new, refined and comfortable interiors.

CBI EUROPE is technologically advanced in an integrated context, offering a very wide range of systems, products, materials, technical solutions and alternatives that improve work environments of the latest generation.

Each product is made from a high percentage of recycled material and helps obtain points for LEED certification – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – which is the international sustainability assessment system of buildings.

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