We are delighted to present an exciting interview with Ana Munteanu from HTO ARCHITECTURE & ENGINEERING who gladly accepted to give us a bit of her time in order for us to discover more about her career and about one of our favorite projects – Infosys Offices.

What are your expectations of yourself as an architect?


Upgrade, always upgrade!

I always challenge myself to give the best of me in every project and I prepare for the next project to give even more.

I understood that in order to practice architecture you never stop learning, not only from the technical point of view but also from the human-connection and interaction point of view, so I aim to improve these skills too.

My expectations are to deliver high quality projects, with regards to the client’s needs and of course the client’s budget – this is the real challenge.

What was the best piece of advice you have ever received in your carrier?


Actually, there are two best pieces of advice I have received during my formation as an architect and I consider both of them equally important:

“Architecture has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion comes and goes, Architecture is timeless…”

“You have to accept the fact that it is impossible to know everything but, as an architect, you have to know where to search for answers”.

If someone were to write a book about your architecture career, what would be its title?


Designing Wonderland 🙂

Who in the “community” do you follow and admire for their architectural ability and why?


I would say ZAHA HADID – her projects are amazing and have a distinctive signature, but I have to say that I most admire her for the power to become an iconic architect in a filed dominated by men. She was an inspirational and powerful woman.

What was the design philosophy for Infosys Offices?


During the last years, as open spaces have become more popular, we have observed a change of perspective in the way people work. Our goal was to design a dynamic space with many collaborative areas where people can interact and work at the same time.

For the common areas we have adopted a modern-industrial approach with opened ceilings but with specific acoustic elements and cozy furniture.  The warm and colorfully textured office provides the employees a homey and comfortable atmosphere to work in.

What was the most challenging part in developing this project? How did you handle it?

The challenge was to accommodate large collaborative areas into an open space with over 100 working stations, where people can interact but also need to focus on their work. The solution was to implement innovative acoustic solutions into the ceilings, sound absorbing, in order to reduce the noise level.

These elements have been designed as decorative objects, some with integrated lights, complementing the design features of the space.

What are your thoughts on the importance of floor coverings in interior design today?

The floor coverings are key materials in the interior design, enhancing the individuality and personality of the space.

I am happy we have a trustful partner with such a variety of innovative solutions 😉