Starless & Starry Black


ARTIGO is a rubber flooring manufacturer that has been continuously active for almost a century. Being on a journey dedicated to experimentation and continued research, Artigo developed high performance rubber surfaces, ideal for schools, offices, hospitals, museums, and indoor public spaces.


Starless & Starry Black collection, part of Artigo Moods series, brings something different to the table and celebrates the intricacy and magnificence of black flooring.

In contemporary architecture, black is the key to exclusive looks and sophisticated elegance. Black as a background brings to life every color on the foreground and is thus the perfect choice for exhibitions and museums.

Communicating brand values in an institutional setting is paramount. Obviously, this communication works on many levels: rational and unconscious. In this scheme, color is a powerful and effective tool.

A place devoted to studying/working today is requested to be conductive to positive vibes and an open mind. Architecture is called upon to create a space that makes studying/working easier. Black is the color of focus and silence and proves to be a perfect choice for offices, museums as well as classes.


Beside looking absolutely ravishing, Artigo floors improve the overall performance characteristics of a space at the acoustic level, with up to a 20 DB reduction in noise level due to foot traffic.

As proof of their commitment to the environment, this company has received several international certifications, from the selection of raw materials to the monitoring of emissions, which qualify their floors according to the LEED and BREEAM environmental building parameters.

There is a package of exclusive qualities that make Artigo a reliable, dynamic and sustainable partner for any contemporary architectural project requiring a solution that brings together resistance, flexibility, and durability.