BLOQ, our new carpet supplier, has 100 years of experience in the carpet industry, offering a wide range of carpet tiles in contemporary designs, for every style and every space.


THE BINARY collection group is composed of 5 beautifully textured sub-collections: BALANCE, FLOW, RENEGADE, SCULPTURE and GRAIN.


Let’s meet them!


BALANCE is a tile of 50 x 50 cm and has a design with a composition of horizontal and vertical lines, like a grid. The tile boasts proportional patterns in neutral and lively colors. This collection comes in 18 matching colors. Tone on tone or bright and bold? BALANCE has it all.


Looking for a well-balanced mix?

FLOW is a tile of 50 x 50 cm. A floor inspired by the soothing sound of rain tapping against the window. Feel the raindrops underneath your feet and enjoy the unique pattern in two shades.

Soft hues stimulate a homely feeling at work, current colors meet today’s trends. A checkerboard pattern can change the atmosphere of an entire room.


Indulge in nature’s inspiration!

RENEGADE is a tile of 50 x 50 cm. It has a cloud inspired design with a dreamy mood. The pattern reveals clouds in two shades: always different, always in style, always unique. Choose your favorite design and walk on clouds! This range comes in 18 matching colors. You can play with nuances and mix them according to your taste.



Go for an airy feel!

SCULPTURE is a tile of 50 x 50 cm and is inspired by the unpredictable pattern of concrete. Contemporary vibes that blend perfectly with an industrial style. This collection has 18 matching colors. Use the colors pure and go for one tone or play with colors and mix according to your taste.



Never dull, always inspiring!

GRAIN comes in carpet planks of 25 x 100 cm. The pattern is two-toned and is inspired by waving fields of grain and grasses. GRAIN matches perfectly with Scandinavian styles. The shape of the carpet planks can be used in a creative or classic way. The long shape provides ample possibilities. Go for a placement in one way, ashlar, herringbone or random.


Let’s play with planks!

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