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BT Learning Centre Project – BL Associates Team

Without any doubt, one of our favourite projects from 2018 is BT Learning Centre! Here are the insights of the BL Associates Team.

What do you consider the key characteristic of this educational project?

The key of The Learning Center of Banca Transilvania (BT) Headquarters is related to our main objective to create a modern interior space that will give those who will use the impulse to be creative, learn and take advantage of it for other activities.

How is the company’s brand reflected in the space?

As with each of BL Associates projects, for this space, also, we applied creative and innovative solutions and the right balance between creativity and technical expertise, to integrate the elements of their brand identity in the design.

We started from the concept used for the bank and combining with the necessities of this space.


The key elements and the colors of the brand are integrated and transposed in interior design of BT Learning Center, making it a vibrant and energetic space starting from the characteristics of the finishes and reaching the lines and geometric shapes that can be found in decorations, furniture and accessories.

How does brand identity and office design relate to one another?

Every project needs to be tailored to the elements of the brand for which we create.

Branding a space must be done carefully, because the elements of the company’s culture, including the employees’ profile, must be considered. We, architects and designers, have a key role in expressing the values ​​of a brand. The first meetings between every client and BL Associates team are also focused on our understanding of the values ​​and principles that guide and activates that client. All these values ​​will be used to create all aspects of design, to determine what experience have in that space the team members, the customers or the visitors.

Tell us more about the functionality of the space.

Regarding the Learning Center of Banca Transilvania, BL Associates developed a complex project, which had to incorporate, in a welcoming and functional framework, both office and learning features, but also with functionalities for relaxing, socializing and knowledge.


Situated in the North of Bucharest and designed for conferences, seminars and workshops, it has 828 sqm and is made up of auditorium, 6 training rooms, a networking and a relaxing space.


The auditorium has the largest area (160 Sqm) and was designed for a capacity of 120 people.

This space is equipped with modern and functional furniture (chairs and desks) made through innovative techniques as practical, foldable and easy to store pieces.


The training rooms, each with a capacity of 16 people, designed for different events (conferences, workshops, courses) benefit from the functionality including also wardrobes for clothes, which give a comforting feeling of familiarity and coziness.


An eye-catching visual point is the art sculpture, colorful wallpaper full of motivational messages and graphics that urge you to a “keep going no matter what”. This is the message BL Associates wants to convey through this project, an indulgence in competitiveness and education. The whole design and furniture have been adapted to this effect. Office furniture has been used simple but effective, easy-to-operate pieces, so that these spaces can be configurable, modular.


After intense work, the reward also follows, that’s why BLA project for Banca Transilvania integrates a “coffee & snack area”.

A cafeteria and a lounge area welcome you in color tones, warm lighting and social-friendly furniture.  Modern coffee tables, red comfortable sofas and the audio system for ambiently music give the feeling of relaxation and “privacy”.

What are your thoughts on the importance of floor coverings in interior design today?

When designing a space, we think it’s important to include the flooring in the initial process right from inception of concept drawings and sketches instead of letting it till last.

Flooring is one of the most defining elements in any interior design and influences so many factors.

The interior design must follow the features of the floor and would integrate that one which could be in harmony with the design style by choosing carefully can greatly influence an interior and make it look either more spacious, either more elegant or with a good vibe.

What made this product (Desso and Gerfloor) to stand out from the crowd?

Both the brands meet the needs of the architects and interior designers. Desso is a hard wearing and functional carpets brand, in vibrant colours, including various collections from which architects and designers can make smart selections to add value to every project, according to the chosen design style.

The commercial flooring powered by Gerfloor comes with an ultra-realistic design, a high traffic resistance and a long-lasting appearance.

Which project has given you the most satisfaction thus far?

Every BL Associates project is important and successful from our point of view, because it includes the values of our firm regarding the balance between creativity and functionality. Every space designed by BL team, even it’s an office, bank, retail, residential, hospitality or food & beverage project, includes clear and refined-styles line, with a vibrant, elegant or a simple design, even we talk about the contemporary, modern, eclectic or minimalistic style.


BL Associates embraces the diversity and the free exchange of ideas. The innovative elements of our projects bring to the foreground the key of our mission which is to offer to our clients the best design and service quality as well as solutions to more effectively support their business and operational needs.

We are not only creative, but also communicative, taking pleasure in collaborating with both new and existing clients, while meeting challenges and expectations.


BL Associates Team