February 27, 2020

Christoph Niemann’s art has now reached the Romanian capital for the first time with an exhibition at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, MNAC, that features some of his most popular collections like Sunday Sketches, Sketchbooks or Abstract City.

Watercolors and drawings on coffee tissues, photographic works and author books, pixel illustrations and virtual reality animations – Niemann always finds new forms of artistic expression. With glasses for virtual reality, applications for children and adults and video works, the exhibition invites to a complete artistic experience in the family.

Decor Floor is proud to be part of this unique event that brings people together through art and we always try to find ways to encourage imagination and support the creative community.

The exhibition, which opened on 27 February and runs until 29 March, also includes some of Niemann’s work for the international publications that made him famous on 5 continents.

“The idea is for the viewer to recognize the object and that the combination feels inevitable,” he says.