In 2020 Romania’s Transport Ministry started works to build a new terminal at Timisoara’s Traian Vuia International Airport to serve international departures.

Timisoara International Airport continues the process of development and modernization. Although 2020 was a difficult year due to the global pandemic, the airport continued to implement the development projects it had started. At the same time, the activity and operation of the airport have been adapted to the current air and passenger traffic.

For the first phase of the project, Decor Floor delivered 1200 sqm of Laminam slabs for the ventilated façade system.

Laminam ceramic slabs were applied to ventilated façades using a mechanical fixing system where each of the slabs was assembled with a mix of profiles, clips and aluminum consoles.  The ceramic slab was bonded to the frame with structural adhesive.‎

Laminam is a brand synonymous with innovative material, a manufacturing technique that has no equal worldwide, a revolutionary slab larger than three square meters. Versatile and flexible, it fits contemporary architecture like a glove and is an innovative solution for large surfaces.

The main technical benefits of the ventilated façades are:

Thanks to their technical benefits, the ventilated façades, in wintertime will protect the building from weathering – in addition, thermic insulation keeps the temperature steady inside the building – and in summertime this type of envelope protects the building from solar radiation – Moreover, the chimney effect created inside the cavity wall produces a natural ventilation that evacuates heat.