Human Fascination is the latest addition to the DESSO Carpetecture family, celebrating nature’s diversity as well as its fragility.

Step onto solid rocks, get lost in a field of flowers, marvel at a mountain and follow ancient field lines until you reach the horizon. DESSO Human Fascination carpet tiles let you take the world inside.

Wild, natural landscapes fascinate and inspire us. We want to be with them, feel them, traverse them in an endless quest to know nature. We feel a need and a responsibility to protect the elements as well as discover them, preserve our natural resources as well as use and reuse them to create healthy indoor environments.



The DESSO Granite carpet tiles are marked by 18 colourways, resembling the raw, unpredictable textures of the volcanic earth. Muted, earthy tones meet rich, spiced tones in a three-dimensional design that gives this collection a wild streak. From fiery red to subtle grey, this carpet flooring resembles a terrain of brave, unplanned nature.


“There is a thrill to this earth that will never bore me. Brave landscapes make for a harsh existence and yet I feel revitalised. This terrain is a braille message left for me to read. My feet will leave prints in this vibrant sand, someone else will erase them and build a new path. We are always moving in circles.”



Inspired by the strength and durability of real marble and rugged rocks shaped by the sea, the DESSO Breccia tile is a fresh, energising carpet tile available in seven different shades. The patterns on these carpet tiles capture nature’s rough and entrancing elements with simple colours, refreshing colour combinations, and sustainable materials.

“A wind that nourishes and heals, the sea never quiet, always moving. The slippery rocks feel cold but strong, shaped by thousands of years of waves coming and going, coming and going. I feel so small standing here, this rugged podium beneath my feet, the sound of the waves soothing for days.”



Looking at sunscorched, agricultural landscapes for inspiration, the DESSO Arable carpet tile collection is inspired by that part of our world where natural landscapes meet human intervention. A colour pallette of 10 warm and cold tones mirror the natural materials found in fields, with a dual-tone evoking that unmistakable sense of wide open spaces and rich textures.


“The curves of the earth speak volumes, and I’ve been around to listen. The sun shapes my skin, feet softly sinking into the soil. There is wisdom to be found in these ancient lines. Each grain of sand a time capsule, each rock a memory and a glimpse into the future.”




Capturing the rich diversity of the planet’s flora, the DESSO Flores tiles combine muted tones and expressive brights to bring life and energy into your indoor space. A three-dimensional design evokes the creative vibe of Impressionis paintings, making the Flores tile a true work of art.


“When I touch a plant, pollen falls, a soft breeze carrying it away to a new kind of life. It reminds me that the mystery of nature is always just out of reach. Colours dancing against my eyelids, all the hues and shades of the natural world. It’s a kaleidoscope of inspiration, new ideas for miles and miles, right up to the horizon and who knows what lies beyond.”