Light is one of the basic elements that make life possible. Not just at home but also at work, the presence and intensity of light is essential for people to be able to function properly. It leads to better performance because it raises our concentration levels and boosts our productivity.

Light also has a positive impact on work satisfaction and sick-related absenteeism. In addition, light ensures that the risk of accidents in the workplace can be significantly reduced1. However, the amount of energy we consume for our lighting increases every year2. In some buildings lighting is the largest single category of electricity consumption. For office buildings in Europe it accounts for as much as half of the building’s total energy use.

Reflecting more light and reducing lighting energy costs

The floor, usually one of the largest surfaces in a room, can make a big difference to the amount of light reflected. To capitalise on this potential, Desso’s product designers developed the DESSO Light Reflection Master® – a carpet collection that reflects more light and can reduce lighting energy costs. Using less energy for lighting also helps organisations to cut down their energy related CO2emissions.

DESSO light Reflection Master® is the carpet that gives you energy.

The use of DESSO Light Reflection Master® can increase the brightness of a room by up to 14% and can reduce lighting costs by up to 10%.