Designed to inspire architects and designers to use textures, colours and material effects to tell their own unique story across the floor.

In a world of mass-production, standardization and efficiency, it is important to recognize that interior spaces should reflect people’s need to express their own identity. The ‘Make It Your Own’ collection, gives an answer to the growing demand for unique spaces with an individual atmosphere, identity and personality.


Introducing Pixelate and Metallic Shades

​​​​​​​​Pixelate is inspired by colour layering and is available in eight colours. The eye-catching carpet tiles have a soft gradient design with a transition between two different yarns, one plain and one multi-coloured. The tiles are designed to be installed randomly with the gradient of the products appearing in different directions for a truly unique appearance. The multihued yarns also give designers and architects the opportunity to match colours to interiors, paint, furniture and wall coverings.

Stitch – an intricate carpet tile contrasting subtle shades with an injection of colour
Stitch is specially crafted to reflect the subtle intricacies of handwoven textiles, with a brightening accent woven through each carpet tile. The delicate, vibrant strand interlaced within each carpet tile is reminiscent of the minimalistic beauty of a single hand-stitched line, contrasting subtle shades with an injection of colour. With a structured surface consisting of understated tones, the playful suggestion of a single striking strand gives designers the ability to combine texture and colour to create a floor design with a truly unique identity. The range is available in twelve colour combinations, with four different font shades providing the backdrop and three different accent colours that effortlessly take centre stage.

stitch banner

Inspired by nature, Carved is designed to combine different textures with the same organic look and feel – perfect for creating individual flooring installations. DESSO’s Carved carpet tile range replicates the chiselled textures of classic woodwork designs, this intricate pattern gives plenty of room to experiment with. Available in ten muted colour options, from anthracite greys and blacks to lighter shades of brown with golden hues, Carved provides a neutral and calming backdrop for workplace environments. As part of the DESSO ‘Make It Your Own’ collection, Carved can be seamlessly combined with DESSO’s Ridge carpet tiles to create striking installations with distinct flooring designs. All carpet tiles in DESSO’s ‘Make It Your Own’ collection are designed to allow architects and designers to play with textures, colours and material effects to tell their own story.


In keeping with DESSO’s Cradle to Cradle® philosophy, all products in the ‘Make It Your Own’ collection are available with EcoBase™ backing, that is 100% recyclable in DESSO’s own production process. The carpet tiles also contain 100% up-cycled chalk from local drinking water companies. DESSO is the first carpet brand in the world to use upcycled calcium carbonate.