Take a deep breath, step inside, let it go and you are home. The DESSO® Marvel carpet tile collection reestablishes contact with the soft side of nature, the glowing and flowing hills and landscapes of Mother Earth.

Thirteen subtle tiles in soothing colors hint at handmade, crafted origins. Shades and hues of nature meet man-made colors and landscapes. Just like nature, no tile is the same. Combine neutral tiles with pops of subtle color to create an indoor environment that feels like home.

Nature fascinates and inspires DESSO through its beauty and its fragility. The Marvel carpet tile collection is the beginning of a new relationship with the world around us and lets us take that world inside. Over and over again.

As part of Tarkett’s Cradle to Cradle® commitment, Marvel is Cradle to Cradle® Silver Level certified. The product includes our 100% recyclable ECOBASE™ backing, containing an average of 80% upcycled chalk* from the local drinking water industry. In 2015, the DESSO EcoBase backing achieved Cradle to Cradle® Gold level certification and reached Platinum level for Material Health.

In addition, Marvel is made with ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn made from recovered waste materials such as discarded fishing nets and carpet yarn from DESSO’s own carpet recycling centre.

DESSO believes in circularity, in using no more than what they need and giving back what they take. Inspiration can be found in the gentle process of rebirth and renewal. Just like flowers bloom each spring and rain drops cycle from mountains to rivers, oceans and clouds and mountains again, their carpet tiles revive time after time.

DESSO Marvel carpet flooring puts the raw materials and organic shapes of nature on a pedestal. Accidental designs through recycling meet soft textures with a handcrafted feel.


  • Available in 13 soothing colours
  • Standard with 100% recyclable DESSO EcoBase backing
  • Cradle to Cradle® Silver level certified
  • 100% ECONYL® yarn
  • Optional with the SoundMaster (Lite) acoustic backing


  • Flooring Type: Carpet Modular
  • Product type: Textile floor coverings (EN 1307)
  • Commercial classification: 33 Heavy
  • Total mass: 4650 g/m²
  • Manufacture type: Tuft
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