“Corporate Responsibility embraces our responsibility to a business model that delivers success in terms of commercial profitability while having a positive impact on people and the environment.”


For Desso, being a Cradle to Cradle® company means going beyond what most people conceive of as sustainability. The main goal of the company is that by 2020 all their materials will have to be free of toxins that could cause harm. Desso wants to achieve this with its new DESSO EcoBase® backing, which contains a polyolefin-based layer that is 100% safely recyclable in the company’s production process. Carpet tiles with DESSO EcoBase® achieved a Cradle to Cradle® Silver Certificate for having reached a level where up to 97% of the materials are positively defined.

Let’s see some examples of collections with which Desso proves its leadership in the sustainability domain.

DESSO AirMaster®

When you consider we spend around 90% of our time indoors, it is critical that the inside air is as clean as possible. DESSO AirMaster®, the first product in the world to be certified with a GUI Gold Plus label, is 8 times more effective in capturing and retaining fine dust than smooth flooring solutions and 4 times more effective than standard carpet solutions.

Scientists at GUI’s laboratory measured DESSO AirMaster’s ability to reduce fine dust concentration, conducting 15 tests in three test rooms, each furnished with different flooring solutions (smooth floor, standard loop pile carpet and DESSO AirMaster®).

DESSO AirMaster® Earth & Tones collection is produced using only 100% recycled ECONYL® yarn combined with the recyclable DESSO EcoBase® backing as standard. It’s well known that improved indoor air quality can potentially boost productivity by 0.5 to 5%.

Gold Collection

Gold Collection is the first carpet tile collection in the world to be awarded a Cradle to Cradle Gold level certification. The collection offers many advantages, including: 100% positively defined materials; 100% regenerated ECONYL® yarns; an average of 80% reusable materials; an average of 52% recycled material; very low VOC emissions.

Inspired by the shifting sands of the desert, the subtle layered design of Desert collection brings a feeling of vast open space to the indoors.

Desso believes that its commitment to the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy and the transition to the circular economy will enable it to become more efficient in the use of natural resources, improve its environmental footprint and its development of healthier materials in its products that benefit people and the planet.