ESCREO is a company, founded in 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria with the mission to provide productivity and creativity solutions for the modern office. ESCREO helps businesses function more efficiently, by offering a range of products that grant people the freedom of expression.

Decor Floor is the official ESCREO partner in Romania.

“We firmly believe that a long-lasting partnership needs to be based on a shared vision and similar passions. The collaboration between ESCREO and Decor Floor is strong because of the same interest for challenges and the investment in a young team. In our companies, the average age is below 30. We like to implement new strategies, to work with passion for fulfilling our dreams and we are motivated to stay beside our partners at every step”

The company’s vision is now focusing on the office spaces. This year ESCREO officially launched Escreo GO, a new product that provides solutions to current challenges in interior design: mobility and acoustics.

ESCREO GO addresses the pressing challenge of noise pollution in the office and the need for multifunctional and mobile products. It comprises modular panels for both writing and acoustic purposes, customized according to the customers’ needs and wishes.

ESCREO GO is a great alternative to mobile whiteboard, applicable in open and shared spaces. It pleases the eye with its design, while providing a 100% erasable surface that allows you to create a quiet space for a meeting.