The new collection from Milliken, called Facet, is offered with 2 design companions: Facet Accents & Facet Transitions, each and one of them adding value and style to your floor.

The Facet Transitions designs are multi-tile designs – composed of 13 individual tile elements to create one single piece of art. Orders will ship as a randomized assortment of all 13 elements, so every box of carpet is an exciting surprise: you never know what tiles you’re going to get.

With Facet you have the security of the following third party certifications: GuT certified/CRI Green Label Plus/EPD verified/BRE certified.



– 12 year wear guarantee

– Lifetime Antistatic guarantee

– Latent Defects guarantee



Fine lines cut through blank spaces with pin point accuracy to create exquisite faceted reflections. Beautiful geometric structures emerge with fascinating symmetry and brilliant precision.