FLOWTECH panels enrich public and private spaces with the industrial charm of metallic sheeting. The aesthetic expresses all the iconic features of the material, even down to the smallest details, in perfect equilibrium.

They also have the benefit of being unchanged by the passage of time, in a material which is immune to the effects of humidity, wear and atmospheric agents. The three colour variants, combined with a variety of sizes, from large panels to a number of handy smaller formats, make them easy to install and adapt to any setting.


The authentic, special feeling of handworked surfaces is the key feature of Matières de Rex. A perfectionist attention to detail has resulted in soft, differentiated colour nuances which, on these large surfaces, yields an aesthetic equilibrium which stands out from the crowd and augments the stylistic versatility of the collection.


The pinnacle of elegance and undisputed queen of covering materials, marble is given new life in the Prexious of Rex collection. Starting from carefully selected, rare examples of marble, the colours and veining have been re-interpreted with all of Rex’s technical skill and creativity, and transformed into highly evocative panels of inimitable elegance.


Planches De Rex sets a new benchmark for the porcelain tile interpretation of natural wood, currently one of the most prized types of ceramic.

The collection has an unbeatable variety of formats, with slats of the ideal size for prestigious, discreet settings; its modern, original colours have been carefully selected to match the trends of contemporary interior design.


In the CROMATICA collection, Formafantasma investigates the potential of colour in contemporary ceramic covering manufacturing.

Every slab is designed for use in its full size or cut into smaller sizes, which can be combined – even at random, and mixing different colours – to reveal a wealth of shades, the basis for interior designs with unique, original chromatic combinations.


The designer investigates the architectural potential of ceramic surfaces in a variety of stylistic contexts, pursuing his approach based on the salvaging and reassembly of existing materials, to create fresh, functional aesthetic ideas.

FRAMMENTI, steeped in the Designer’s expressive philosophy, transforms the act of breaking from one of destruction to one of creation, destructuring what already exists to construct something new by reconfiguring the original matter.


A refined and material texture, this is an eclectic and universal surface for design and architecture, with an assortment of 3 thicknesses, 2 surface finishes and 9 sizes.

Attention to every detail, plus the development of the design and shades of colour through the different formats, represent in full the stylistic character and know-how of the Casa Dolce Casa brand, to light up any material with a unique and unmistakable feeling.


A fine selection of stones and marbles, an imaginary journey through a variety of evocative landscapes to collect 9 sources of inspiration in a perfectly balanced colour range.

Essential shapes and vintage combinations are express through radically different surfaces linked together from the same philosophy of elegance.


Fragments of matter and neutral colours to design a stylized texture with irregular shapes, halfway between Venetian flooring and Sottsass’s Memphis Style patterns in the Milan of the 1980s.

Artwork is an articulate programme of surface designs for architecture to explore new creative potentials.


“Studios”, with its sophisticated but discrete personality, defines the evolutionary path of modern cement-inspired surfaces for interior architecture.


Following the success of its Timeless series, Cerim presents another six series inspired by the beauty of natural materials. Antique Marble unleashes the force of marble and stone, marrying ancient to modern in a uniquely elegant style without compromising the need for extreme functionality.

The collection exploits a variety of finishes, sizes and colour themes to satisfy the demands of contemporary architecture and modern lifestyles, without losing its connection to its roots in the past.


Create thinking of modern dwelling spaces, Bright Forest proposes original and unobtrusive colour schemes with a decidedly eclectic look, perfect for enhancing multiple interior decorating styles, from Nordic to minimal, from contemporary to vintage.

In addition to the classic slats in two formats that can be combined, there are various types of decorations to cover walls or enhance floors with carpets, strips or personalised compositions. The range is completed by the grip surface for outdoor flooring.


Venetian or terrazzo style flooring is a centuries-old tradition in Italian architecture. Basically, it was laid on site using fragments of marble or stone in various sizes and colours, in conjunction with a cement bonding agent.

Le Veneziane di Cerim are a refined interpretation of these materials, rich in material detail and adapted in colours and style to suit the homes of today. A high quality porcelain stoneware structure ensures great practicality, durability and ease of installation.