Starting 2013 Decor Floor delivers and installs the flooring materials for the Hervis Sports shops, not only in Romania also in Hungary and Serbia.

For this project we were asked to provide a floor system designed to meet the highest commercial standards for cleanability, durability and maintainability. That’s why we provided resilient rubber floors that are durable and versatile for any application and offer a slip and stain-resistant work surface. All nora floor coverings have a dense, nonporous, dirt-repellent surface that have withstood a full year’s cycle of daily cleaning and heavy use.

Hervis Sports @City Park Constanta is the latest completed location



Hervis Sports Stores

Provide a floor system designed to meet the highest commercial standards for cleanability, durability and maintainability. Craft a customized design for the track as part of the stores concept.

Subfloor preparation; vapor barrier; product installation within a tight timeframe to meet the client’s demanding requirements.The uni rubber roll system was chosen along with nora’s patented cold weld system. This combination provided a method of install that could access low clearance areas, providing a uniform covering for the floor and a perfect match with custom designed track, as part of the stores concept.

noraplan uni one-colour rubber flooring provides a smooth surface along with excellent environmental properties.Available in sheet size 1.22 m x 12.0 m or 610 mm x 610 mm tiles, in 20 different colours.

Successful rubber floor installation is a combination of high-quality floor covering, proper subfloor preparation and skillful workmanship.nora rubber flooring requires no finishing, waxing or sealing. All nora floor coverings have a dense, nonporous and dirt-repellent surface—eliminating the need to use unfriendly, harsh cleaning chemicals.

Functional refurbished stores in a very short time.
Functional new stores on time
The installed nora system has, with every new location, met and surpassed client expectations. Rubber has even more benefits to offer, for example a high degree of standing and walking comfort. Not only is the material slip-resistant and foot-warm, but its extreme resilience means that it is also kind to body joints. Footfall noise is also absorbed exceedingly well, providing for pleasant acoustics in the stores even on days with large numbers of customers

OVERVIEW2013 – present. 11 completed locations in Romania, as well as Serbia and Hungary.


noraplan uni KEY FEATURES

  • Good for heavy usage
  • High footfall sound absorption (6-8 dB)
  • R9-slip resistance
  • Free of PVC, plasticizers (phthalates) and halogens (chlorine)
  • Increased safety thanks to high fire-retardant properties
  • Jointless installation
  • No coatings needed