INEDITI / CRUISE COLLECTION is the new refined collection designed by Inkiostro Bianco. These wallpapers originate from the everyday work of creative minds, who blend the ability to satisfy the wishes of the customers with the style of the brand and with the passion for design.

Unique designs that Inkiostro Bianco wants to unveil by selecting the best outcomes of the print on demand creativity so that everyone can be inspired and travel with the mind towards unexplored worlds evoked by each design.


25 new designs open the way of the new path. Floral designs, geometric themes and illustrative inspirations lead the memory back to ancient tastes, that meet with contemporaneity.


Can you smell the tree flowers? Can you see beyond the enchanted forests or can you catch the magic of a landscape hiding unexplored beauty? Let yourself be inspired by these creative ideas and listen to the emotions that every design will raise within you.


The key of interpretation is observing every detail very close and listen to the voice inside you, whispering new sensations. Sometimes the sensations will have a powerful voice, sometimes a soft one, but the result will always be intense and unexpected.