We are happy to officially announce our trusty partner in the partition segment – Infinity Divisions.

Infinity Divisions Systems have been created out of enthusiasm of our team of building engineers, for developing constructive solutions for partitioning interior spaces in more innovative ways, with the purpose of meeting the current needs of workspaces functions.

Our partner provides four major systems:

Infinity Light is a slim one glass sheet system that creates a limitless separation between spaces, occupying as little space in the room as possible. Infinity Light has no vertical profiles and has no visible joints other than glass to glass. This system is specially designed to support a 10mm secured glass sheet, allowing a 35 dB sound proofing.

Infinity Smart partition system is characterized by the versatility of using various forms, materials and dimensions of panels that can be integrated into the system. Infinity Smart is made of two aluminum profiles in which glass panels, laminated panels or perforated metal are embedded and can be alternated both horizontally and vertically.

Infinity Panoramic is designed to create a completely transparent separation between spaces, but still achieving the maximum specifications for sound proofing. Infinity Panoramic is a non-vertical profile system, having no visible joints other than glass to glass. The profile allows joints for different angles and gives solutions for full height doors and technical panels that can be personalized for each specification.

Infinity Panoramic is a double 10 mm glassed aluminum system with a width of 100 mm and a height of 42 mm that allows 12mm height adjustment at ceiling and floor level. Infinity Panoramic partitioning system is approved and tested for the Romanian market.

Infinity Door is a single or double door system that is mounted in an aluminum frame hidden in the wall that allows the finish to be applied in the same way -both on the wall and on the door-, obtaining a façade effect.

Locally produced in Romania, these products are developed with the aim to offer an innovative solution for the partitioning of the interiors.