With the usual reliability experienced in almost 40 years of activity, Soema product innovations add ever more features; all dressed in an innovative design adaptable to different environments that however gives them distinctive personalities.


INTEGRA-B is a combination of a continuous channel-type Acrial Solid Surface washbasin with an attached back-splash that bears the sensors, electronic Multiconsole-A and a luminous mirror with LED light and direction indicators for the users.

  • General characteristics: Heavy duty.
  • Description: Washbasin with integrated Electronic Soap dispenser, Tap/faucet and Hand-dryer in a single 6mm thick multiconsole chromed brass plate.
  • Functionality:
  • Washbasin & Vertical Panel: Material: Acryl/Corian.
  • Washbasin type: Channel type.
  • Washbasin colour:
  • Washbasin built-in supports: Galvanized steel.
  • Washing stations: One, two or three washing positions.
  • Washbasin electronic fixtures: Soap dispenser, tap, hand-dryer.
  • Optional: Mirror with perimeter LED light, luminous direction writing (water, air, soap).
  • Multiconsole: 10mm Solid-brass with chrome finishing and LED indicators. Multiconsole serves also as a shelf.
  • Multiconsole activity: Electronic built-in tap, soap dispenser and hand-dryer.
  • Internal features: Infrared electronic circuits/an incorporated automatic shutoff system.