In the last 15 years, Decor Floor CEE became a major player in the commercial flooring segment and a trustworthy partner in the real estate market. With a total turnover of EUR 10 mil. in 2020, Decor Floor delivered more than 150.000 sq m of raised access floor systems for the most iconic office buildings in Bucharest,

An extremely important element for the company’ success consists in providing premium services and products, for both local companies and for corporations on the local market as well.

With the aim to provide premium services and products for its corporate clients, Decor Floor recently teamed up with Aspecta Flooring.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, AspectaTM global operation spans more than 42 countries on five continents. The company has sales divisions in North America, Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

As the industry leader in sustainability and transparency, AspectaTM is a force for positive disruption in the global luxury flooring market.

By seeking out collaborative partners around the world, the company has set the standard for healthy, sustainable, high performing and biophilic designed products.

A beautiful range of AspectaTM collections, which offer an extensive range of options in over 200 designs and a variety of formats.