In the last 15 years, Decor Floor CEE became a major player in the commercial flooring segment and a trustworthy partner in the real estate market. With a total turnover of EUR 10 mil. in 2020, Decor Floor delivered more than 150.000 sq m of raised access floor systems for the most iconic office buildings in Bucharest,

An extremely important element for the company’ success consists in providing premium services and products, for both local companies and for corporations on the local market as well.

With the aim to provide premium services and products for its corporate clients, Decor Floor recently teamed up with BLOQ.  

BLOQ is a carpet tile brand by Dutch manufacturer Betap. BLOQ offers a wide range of carpet tiles in contemporary designs, for every style and every space.

Their products are high-performance tiles focused on office projects, that are sound absorbing and have the best results in fire safety.

Discover the creative carpet produced following the strictest standards in sustainability.