Concrete has had somewhat of a renaissance in recent times. Known for its strength, versatility, durability and an impressive list of other unique qualities, concrete is one of the most useful and ubiquitous building materials of the past nearly two centuries.


KAZA Concrete’s newest tile design, ’Flutes and Reeds’ is a contemporary take on architecture’s oldest surface embellishments: fluting and reeding, which were usually applied to columns, pilasters and walls.


Designers GRT Architects created a suit of triangular tiles that can form these well-known surfaces, overlaid with a subtle, triangular matrix. Because of their equilateral triangle shapes, the tiles can also be rotated individually to create a wide variety of patterns.


The Flutes and Reeds family consists of 4 individual designs: Single Flute, Triple Flute, Single Reed and Triple Reed.


KAZA’s proprietary formula exposes the true potential of concrete, reaching beyond utility into artistically refined applications that are stronger and more durable.