Through an important cooperation agreement signed with the Japanese giant TOTO, today Laminam is able to guarantee its customers the innovative HYDROTECT self-cleaning treatment on its ceramic slabs.

The slabs treated with Hydrotect are an innovative type of eco-compatible products able to generate chemical and biological reactions, with positive effects in terms of antibacterial power, reduction of pollutants, self-cleaning surfaces, offering a huge contribution to increasing the quality of the environment they are used in. The processes require no electricity, energy or renewal of compounds to maintain the reaction over time.

HYDROTECT is a unique technology that renders surfaces self-cleaning. Outside, the surfaces treated with HYDROTECT react with the ultra-violet rays (produced both by sunlight and artificial sources) and decompose any organic matter, neutralising nitrogen oxides (NoX) with a cleaning effect. This process not only renders materials self-cleaning but purifies the air. This type of covering can also be used indoors, thanks to its unique structure, Hydrotect treatment shows anti-bacterial properties even in a room without windows or in a room at night (only with indoor lights). The antibacterial activity of LAMINAM slabs treated with Hydrotect has been verified according to ISO 27447. In public spaces, for example, the use of Laminam slabs treated with HYDROTECT technology prevents the spreading of germs and bacteria and eliminates the bad odours deriving from their action.