In recent years, the kitchen has become the most lived-in and best-loved space in the home. Once a place of little importance for commonplace activities, the kitchen is now a primary space: multifunctional, versatile, a place for family and friends to gather. This particular zone is seen today as a hybrid space with a twin personality, and it is particularly striking and seductive when created using ceramic surfaces.

With a strong focus on supreme functionality, expressing its identity as “laboratory”, this place requires the highest levels of hygiene and efficiency.

With this in mind, the finishing materials play a key role in establishing the aesthetic character of the decor. The real innovation lies in cutting-edge materials which blend technology, sustainability and high quality solutions.

Laminam ceramic surfaces evoke all the aesthetic charm of the world of stone and wood, of fabrics and of the intense colors of metals subjected to the effects of time and weather. But they also underpin a high-value world of exceptional performance without sacrificing the company’s green credentials.

These products are compact, non-porous and therefore waterproof, stain-resistant, odorless, resistant to heat and frost, to expansion, to scratches and deep abrasions, to UV rays and chemical products, and furthermore are extremely easy to clean with normal household detergents.

Laminam ceramic surfaces, ideal as work surfaces and countertops in the kitchen, are the first in the world to have obtained “Solid Surfacing for Food Zone” certification for contact with food from the prestigious NSF (American National Standard for Food Equipment), thanks to their intrinsic qualities.

To further enhance the already impressive performance of the standard finishes, Laminam has developed a series of bioactive treatments, which can be applied to most of its catalogue surfaces. These reduce the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew by up to 99.9%, while also allowing the breakdown of pollutants present in the air indoors and out (by releasing oxygen), thereby making every day cleaning even easier.