The New York based designer Sandy Chilewich is founder and creative director of Chilewich | Sultan LLC, a company managed with her partner and husband Joe Sultan. For the last three decades and with two distinct businesses, Chilewich has reinterpreted underutilized and overlooked manufacturing practices. Since 2000, Chilewich has designed innovative textiles for numerous applications.

Sandy launched placemats and floor mats with her original signature textiles in 2000. Her designs have transformed the way tables are dressed in homes and in restaurants around the world. Her floor mats provide a clean modern alternative underfoot.

In 2001, the Chilewich Contract Division launches as a commercial flooring company with the introduction of woven textiles for Wall-to-Wall (W2W) and Tile Flooring. Joe Sultan, Sandy Chilewich’s architect husband, spearheaded the development of backings suitable for commercial use with the existing Chilewich woven textiles collection.

Plynyl® W2W and tile flooring, with their soft and resilient polyurethane cushion and richly woven textures and colors, were recognized as truly innovative flooring products when they were first introduced. At the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) Chilewich’s new flooring designs won the Editor’s Award in the Carpeting and Flooring Category.

Year after year Chilewich gains more and more acknowledgement worldwide by a series of collaborations and successful products. Craft, Tom Colicchio’s world renowned establishment, is the very first restaurant to use Chilewich textiles on their tables. In 2007 Chilewich celebrates its ten years association with the internationally renowned Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Design Store.

In 2010 Chilewich collaborated with the creative firm, freecell, for Interior Design Magazine’s Hall of Fame event.

In 2013, Chilewich made a significant environmental development by replacing the petroleum-based plasticizers in yarns with phthalate-free, renewable vegetable compounds. Plasticizers have traditionally been made from petroleum-based compounds that are used to make PVC yarns soft. No more. These innovative new yarns and the fabrics made from them are called TerraStrand™. Every square yard of TerraStrand™ saves .02 gallons of petroleum and .41 pounds of CO2 as compared to conventional woven vinyls. 90% of all Chilewich woven textiles are phthalate-free starting 2015.

Chilewich’s Contract Division patented BioFelt®, a PVC-free tile backing system. The backing is made from recycled water bottles, renewable vegetable compounds, as well as post-industrial materials. The total recycled content of the tile (including TerraStrand™ and the BioFelt® backing) exceeds 55% and can contribute to achieving certifications in environmental stewardship programs worldwide. Chilewich CEO, Joe Sultan, says, “BioFelt® is the most exciting tile backing system we’ve ever developed. The tile has a wonderful cushioned feel to it, it’s much lighter than vinyl, it’s tough and durable and can be installed with VELCRO® Brand Hook Squares – it’s a truly exciting development.”

Ideal for all areas where carpet is specified and for most areas where hard surface flooring is specified, BioFelt®, this innovative composite backing system is even better!

  • Moisture barrier to prevent liquids from being absorbed.
  • Simple to maintain and durable with a 10 year commercial warranty.
  • Reduced resistance for walkers and wheelchairs vs carpet.
  • Softer than hard surface flooring options making safer in falls and more comfortable for walking.
  • Microban ® antimicrobial protection.
  • Low VOC – Greenlabel Plus Certification