Meet Edge Lit from Milliken — the carpet collection designed to give you ultimate flexibility. A DDI (DIGITAL DYE INFUSION TECHNOLOGY) product with multiple sizes and 12 radiant colors that will let your creativity run wild.

Whether a prism transforming sunlight into a splendid rush of color or a black light exposing points of the spectrum that we cannot perceive on our own, light transforms spaces and designates energy.

From rich neutrals to bold bright colors, this special collection is available in 25 cm x 1 m planks, 1 m x 1 m tiles and a modular inset rug.

Experience the Milliken difference with this modular inset rugs. Perfect for large public spaces, this product makes it easier than ever to design a beautiful floorscape without excess waste.

You can create a spotlight anywhere with this dramatic 4 m x 4 m rug (16 tiles). Each tile is labeled 1 through 16 and marked with directional arrows to ensure correct placement. An installation diagram is also provided with your order.

Milliken’s unique modular inset rug can easily be adjusted to a larger size by adding full repeats. The rug design can be extended using the half drop method to create a seamless installation covering an area as large as you need.

Simplify your flooring projects by working with a trusted partner that lets you focus on enjoying the process of creating a great space.