General aspects

Location: 5-7 Dimitrie Pompei Blvd., 020335 Bucharest, Romania
Decor Floor: Floor finishes supplier
Facilities: Sustainable building (LEED Certification planned), Flexible design and space arrangements, Raised access floor, Operable windows

Decor Floor executed works:

Raised access floor: 20.000 SQM of JVP
Ceramics: 4000 SQM of Mirage, Stones 2.0
Cork: 600 SQM of CorkMarket, Divina Wall Coverings

Metroffice is the first part of a long-term master plan which involves the redesign of the entire area within IMMOFINANZ’s Iride Business Park into the future Iride City – the modern and comfortable living and working environment which will be created in the coming years. As first development stage, Metroffice opens doors for an innovative quarter, a new, open and vitalized section for the city. Following clients’ needs and their varied profiles, Metroffice is a set off signal for a new concept in the area.

The building features excellent facilities in terms of sustainability and flexible design and space arrangements.

During December 2016 – May 2017 Decor Floor delivered and installed 20.000 sqm of JVP raised access floor, more than five trucks, at an installation rate of 700 sqm per week.


SPACE SAVING. The use of a raised access floor with self bearing gravity laid panels such as the JVP 4×4 allows the reduction of the total height of the building. In fact thanks to the combination of reduced space required for the MEP (Mechanical, Electric Plumber) service’s systems and the stringer-less support structure and the slim robust construction of the panels significantly reduces the void space to the point that it contributes greatly terms of savings in build cost.

COST SAVING. The use of raised access floor self bearing gravity laid bare panels such as the JVP 4×4 shortened the construction programme because it removed the requirement for a floor screed which is an unwanted “wet trade”. In fact due to its robust construction it can be installed just after the external cladding, and used as a working platform particularly considering that for all void heights of below 700mm it can be used without stringers which avoids any delay to the service’s system and provides a level surface for the removable or dry wall and the movement of the wheeled internal scaffolding towers.

TIME SAVING. The use of a raised access floor as a working platform during the construction period will reduce the time taken to install MEP (Mechanical, Electric Plumber) service’s components and will speed up the fitting out of interior of the building. This is only possible if the full system of the raised access floor can bear the function of working platform. The JVP floor is made with high performance cores enhanced by fully encasing with a hot dipped galvanized steel envelope fabricated with a special welted pressing joint at the top edge of each panel.

MAINTENANCE SAVING. The use of a raised access floor naturally creates the ability to access and replace the MEP (Mechanical, Electric Plumber) service’s system in the floor void whilst at the same time conveniently maintain, repair/refurbish the existing system. The tenant client will be able to choose the quality and the type of coverings for its new premises, just prior to occupation completely alleviating the risk of damaging these finishes during the main construction. Moreover, if in the future there is a need to change the image of the company; then the cost of changing the covering will be limited to the cost of a new covering only

The access floor system as integral part of the building on its whole, contributed on the acquisition of credits for the LEED® system.

For the reception area and common spaces the material contracted was Stones 2.0, ceramics by Mirage, stone-effect porcelain stoneware that revives and reinterprets the mineral, mass effect of hard-wearing material. This product creates the perfect balance between practicality and emotion, functionality and hedonism.

For the wall covering on the common space the product desired was DIVINA CORK WALLS, a high-quality brand of cork-based coverings. The material is recognized for its beauty, elegance and suitability for various types of environments, from the most classical to the most contemporary.

The qualities and ecology of cork make these wall coverings one of the best solutions in terms of comfort and pleasure:

  • It is natural and renewable
  • It ensures warm environments – cork retains and reflects heat
  • It is a thermal insulator – it helps maintain the temperature of the rooms
  • It is an acoustic insulator – it prevents the propagation of sound between spaces
  • Besides thermal and acoustic insulation, it allows hiding crack and wall imperfections, mainly in thickness with 2mm and more
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain
  • It is easy to install – just follow the instructions
  • It is hypoallergenic
  • It repels water
  • It is resistant to moisture
  • It is anti-static