When it comes to designing interior settings marked by innovative vision, “seeing is, in fact, believing.” Which is why we are pleased to announce the launch of Milliken’s new Flooring Visualizer—an online tool that empowers customers, partners, and designers to make wise purchasing decisions by taking the guesswork out of flooring installations.

Milliken’s easy-to-use visualizer technology enables you to be actively engaged in the flooring selection and design.

Through a high-quality virtual experience, you can preview Milliken flooring solutions, intuitively customize the space to fit your unique needs, and visualize the transforming power of flooring in a variety of interior settings.

Allow us give you some hints:

  • check the options in the bottom right hand corner of the screen
  • be sure that the layouts have been carefully designed to ensure that they repeat out when used within a larger space
  • these layouts are perfect for use within applications such as Revit, Sketch Up and photoshop
  • the saved file mirrors the room installation
  • all carpet installation methods supported
  • best distribution of accents in rooms and saved file