Milliken launched a brand new collection called Crafted Series. This unique product is a Millitron pattern design of interwoven twists and turns, with two connected designs. Modern Maker and Woven Colour are multi-tile designs, composed of nine individual elements that create a single arrangement on the floor.


Crafted Series is produced using high-performance ECONYL yarn with 100% REGENERATED NYLON. Offering the same strength and lifecycle as fiber crafted from virgin polymer, ECONYL fiber is made from a minimum of 50% pre-consumer and 50% post-consumer content, reducing resource consumption and waste.


These carpet tiles feature 90% recycled content cushion backing. To further reduce their environmental impact, Crafted Series can be supplied with TractionBack for adhesive free installation. Elliminating the need for adhesives, TractionBack improves indoor air quality and reduces material usage.


With Crafted Series you have the security of the following third party certifications: GuT certified/CRI Green Label Plus/EPD verified/BRE certified.



Crafted Series combines the nostalgia of the hand-made with the power of modern technology. Fall into pattern, as the designs twist and turn, repeated and singular, interwoven and sequential, to build a relationship with the interior