ENTRANCE FLOORING SOLUTIONS are the protective flooring systems designed for use around building entrances. We shouldn’t think of the “entry” as just a door, or a vestibule, and then throw a mat down next to it.  We should start thinking of a transitional zone. More precisely, a connected sequence of zones — one after the other.

  • Zone 1 – The first zone is outside, in front of the physical building entrance. Its primary job is to get rid of physical objects from the bottoms of your shoes — like grit, heavy dirt particles (sand, for instance), or snow and ice. The best way, mechanically, to accomplish this is by scraping. Solutions in this zone should be abrasive, and they also need to stand up to the elements — remember, we’re still outside.
  • Zone 2 – If the first zone did its job, your shoes are carrying less grit and grime. Since you are just stepping in from outside, you still want scraping action to remove dirt, but now absorbing moisture is equally important. Because grit removal continues to be relevant, second-zone products also use plastics, metal and rubber. But you’ll see a large increase in the amount of fabric to deal with the moisture.
  • Zone 3 – Now we’re inside. Products designed for use in the third zone are almost completely designed to absorb moisture. Shoes have now almost reached the building’s interior floor covering and should be as dry as possible. Third-zone products are usually all-textile and may (or may not) be distinguishably different from the majority of the interior flooring.


Cut / Cross

Suitable for ZONE 1 | ZONE 2

With cut-pile (open) and loop-pile (closed) textile options in multiple patterns and colours, OBEX™ Tiles offer high-performance dirt and moisture collection plus tailored design. All Tiles feature industry-exclusive cushion backing designed to deliver underfoot comfort, improved acoustics, and moisture management.


Bar – Cut

Suitable for ZONE 2

OBEX™ Bars are designed with a unique aluminium click-in system for simple installation directly on premises. Bars can be cut to fit any application—whether surface mounted on the floor or installed in recessed mat wells.

Bars feature Milliken’s Cut textile or Monofilament inserts with added backing for built-in sound insulation.


Cut 11mm Closed

Suitable for ZONE 2

Designed especially for high-traffic areas, OBEX™ Grids provide lasting protection. Available in both open and closed constructions, Grids efficiently capture dirt and moisture from foot and rolled traffic entering the building. Grids are constructed with durable, easy-to-clean vinyl, and allow for OBEX material inserts.


OBEX™ Mat Mono

Suitable for ZONE 1 | ZONE 2

OBEX™ Mats combine protection with flexibility. Whether applied as a primary barrier system or as a temporary, loose-laid option when additional protection is needed, Mats capture fine dirt, larger particles, and moisture.


Cut / Galaxy

Suitable for ZONE 2 | ZONE 3

Featuring a durable vinyl backing with multiple colour options, OBEX™ Rolls allow for seamless transitions into hallways and larger spaces. Rolls can be cut to produce runners or installed wall-to-wall, protecting against dirt and moisture in high-traffic areas and heavy commercial use.