InSitu collection


“Balancing harmony and tranquillity with flourish and artistic expression to create a considered and spatial experience with simplicity at its core.

Thoughtful understatement underpins honest and effortless beauty.”


    • Designed to offer an easy to understand, coordinated package of highly useable designs in commercial colors
    • Cost effective yet offered with all the expected Milliken value adds
      • cushion backing
      • high performance
      • Quick Ship service
  • 2 designs / 10 colours (50 x 50 cm tile)
  • Construction: Tufted Level Loop Pile
  • Backing: Comfort Lite with 90% recycled content
  • Dye Method: Millitron® Digital Colour Placement
  • 12 Year Wear Guarantee

Clerkenwell Collection – Celebrating The Circle


“A rich and diverse community once known for its traditional craft-making skills such as printing, watch and jewellery making. A secret village of passageways and ancient buildings, with a long history of political intrigue twisting around every corner. A place re-energized to become home to hundreds of creative businesses and transformed into one of the most important design hubs in the world. Clerkenwell, a place where things happen and people get inspired.”

So why is Milliken now celebrating the circle?

It’s seem the right time, because the market place is braver and is embracing different shapes and forms. The organic nature of the shapes with their curves and contours provides the work place with a rhythmic and uninterrupted feel.

Watch Making, the new addition to the collection, represents a bridge between Time Piece & Circle Top View desings.

Lines from the Circle Top View play hide and seek with the Time Piece statement shapes and each element is a smart combination of two different elements from these 2 succesfull patterns that encourages architects to create and play.

Comfortable Concrete 2.0


“Rough, urban and raw. Refined and lovingly polished.

Unexpectedly plush, warm and ornate. Combining with other materials to enter our lives in new and surprising ways.”


  • Inspired by Milliken’s original Comfortable Concrete collection
  • Re-designed, re-coloured and extended collection
  • Three new designs: Laid Bare, Urban Drama & Urban Poetry
  • 50 x 50cm tile and 50cm x 1m plank format
  • Comfort Plus cushion backing
  • Dye Method: Millitron® Digital Colour Placement


  1. Laid Bare is a refreshed design created from the original Terrace and Sidewalk subcollections. It is redesigned to become a multi tile design – for maximum movement and design variation across the floor. With 2 product sizes across 8 new colours, Laid Bare has been created to bring to life exciting combinations to your floor.


  1. Urban Drama is a new design that is embracing the effects of nature through organic formations of shapes and textures which flow effortlessly across the floor. The design has been created to work together across the rich colour palette in order to bring the raw nature elements inside your workspace.


  • Millitron® print technology is key to creating the strong visual texture of Urban Poetry subcollection composed of diffused and blurred pattern contours. The multi tile design naturally forms organic patterns which flow freely across the floor, looking absolutly ravishing.

Colour Compositions Vol. III


“Harmonious and balanced or challenging and unexpected, an exploration of colour and form has begun.
Balancing a relationship of scale, shape, rhythm and pattern, a natural intuition is unlocked and expressed by each individual composition.”


    • Divided into 2 parts:
      • Volume I – 48 colours, divided into families of 16 families of 3
      • Volume II – 27 colours, divided into 3 Accent families
  • Construction: Tufted Structured Loop Pile
  • Backing: Comfort Lite with 90% recycled content
  • 25cm x 1m plank format