To celebrate #EarthDay2021, Milliken has released its third annual corporate sustainability report, entitled Together for Tomorrow. This report, which analyses Milliken’s performance through the lens of its holistic sustainability efforts, highlights its progress towards the 2025 sustainability goals we set in 2018.


Covering people, product and planet, this report illustrates how they’ve working collectively to create a positive impact on the world that will last generations.


Create a statement, without costing the Earth!


With a long legacy of scientific research and #innovation, Milliken has always had a strong commitment to solving real human problems and building a better world. They have made great progress in their journey and continue to strive to make improvements and efficiencies in their manufacturing processes as well as continuing to innovate with low carbon and carbon negative materials.


Milliken offers you over 400 carbon neutral design and colors options from their most beloved and award-winning carpet collections such as Artistic Liberties, Change Agent, Clerkenwell, Colour Compositions, Crafted Series, Glazed Clay, Naturally Drawn, Tracing Landscapes and Unexpected Purpose.


They engineer products and design solutions that:

  • Improve workplace productivity
  • Make your office healthier and safer
  • Extend product lifecycle
  • Reduce environmental impact

How they calculate their Carbon Footprint?

Milliken calculates the carbon footprint of their products throughout the life cycle through ISO14025/ISO14040 and EN15804 compliant Life Cycle Assessments. For complete transparency, the results of Milliken’s LCAs are published as environmental product declarations (EPDs) which have been certified by IBU and comply with industry standard product category rules.


This analysis helps to inform their environmental approach to product design, material selection and manufacturing processes to continually reduce Milliken’s carbon footprint.