As brave adventurers head north towards the polar ice cap, their endurance is tested to the full. Fairy-tale snow-covered landscapes with richly textured glacial layers are punctuated only by dramatic calved icebergs. Inspiration comes from the world around us, so it makes sense to protect that world!

Northward Bound by Milliken is part of an innovative sustainable program, the D/Lux series – a high performance carpet that uses less raw materials. Luxury, Dematerialized.

Composed by three subcollections – Glacier, Ice and Snow, this range comes with a 12 year warranty and wide palette of extraordinary designs. It’s highly rated for heavy traffic areas and the acoustic technology employed through the integral cushion backing, that is offered as standard, significantly reduces noise distractions, proving that practicality and luxury are not mutually exclusive.

A warm and cool neutral palette, varying scales across the three patterns, minimalist designs and soft flowing organic forms all help to generate a feeling of calm movement across the floor plane.

By using carefully considered materials and innovating with fiber suppliers, at machine level Milliken is able to deliver a lighter, more economic product without compromising on performance or aesthetic. Doing more with less is in harmony with Milliken’s ethos to “do good” and the company’s unswerving ethical approach to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.