Reinvent the concept of living your outdoor spaces and enjoy a more direct contact with nature.

Rediscover the appeal of wooden floorboard- effect flooring (decking) for spaces that invite you to enjoy outdoor living in maximum comfort.

This is what e_deck is all about, the new system of raised flooring in the Mirage® Evo_2/e™ project designed specifically for the 20×120 / 8″x48″ and 30×120 / 12″x48″ sizes.

A practical solution that combines the undisputed appeal of a natural chic style with the high performance of Evo_2/e™ porcelain stoneware.

Why choose it?


Simple to fit, you can furnish your spaces outdoor and choose a covering that offers total safety.

A durable solution and a superior aesthetic result without the need for the annual maintenance of the surface over the years.

The elements located underneath the flooring can be easily inspected as it is possible to lift the slabs of the e_deck raised tiling system, and any pipework and cabling can be laid without difficulty.

How does it work?


Practical and functional e_deck is a complete structure for fitting raised flooring in your outdoor space.

The system includes height- adjustable supports made of polypropylene (max h 30 cm / 12″), joists in strengthened aluminium and spacers that define a 4 mm 1/8″ gap between the Evo_2/e™ Mirage® porcelain stoneware slabs.

Finishing accessories are available to complete the system and cater for the needs of any application.