As pioneers of the acoustic world, Mute. creates products for friendly and rewarding conversations in busy spaces. Their solutions combine top acoustic performance with timeless design.

Mute. has been a genuine specialist in interior acoustics since day one. At the heart of their design philosophy is a desire to explore aesthetic simplicity – a vision that lets the beauty shine through and the technical element take a back seat.



The ideal solution for a quick call, focused work, or a productive meeting.


Designed for focused work, a video conference, an effective 1-on-1 meeting or just for a friendly call, Mute. Pods bring harmony to your space and increase the creativity level brought by a peaceful environment.

picture 1 Pods


Two crucial functions in a modern office – sound absorption and efficient lighting.


Did you know that offices with proper lighting provide higher level of well-being and creativity?

With the acoustic lighting solutions from Mute, you can find the perfect fit for your space. These highly functional products light up your space while acting as a highly effective sound insulator and absorber.

picture 2 acoustic Lightning


Preventing sound waves from bouncing around the room excessively.


Innovative, mobile, iconic. These refined and highly performant acoustic products add a stylish edge to any interior and fix the unwanted noise problems.

picture 3 privacy screens


Packed with technological goodness in a meticulously designed construction.


These Mute sound absorbers deliver unmatched properties of absorbing excessive noise and total placement flexibility. With a variety of shapes, design and sizes, brings a professional touch to your workplace, and lets you express yourself without barriers.

picture 4 sound absorbers

All Mute products can be configured from A-Z to create the ideal pods and they can also be assembled really quick. Mute. is constantly testing and improving the acoustic properties of their products in their sophisticated sound lab.

Mute’s contemporary pieces have been carefully crafted for the modern-day office, hotels, and other public spaces.