Are you looking for a unique design but you don’t know where to start?

Let your imagination run free with MyTaraflex®! You can transform your sports hall like no other. To help you make your choice, discover all MyTaraflex® trends.



Subtle and elegant contrasts to create a gentle and peaceful atmosphere.

A return to basics and simplicity, these noble natural materials create a back to nature atmosphere in your sports hall.

Wood, sand and cork: let your projects run wild.



A modern look inspired from the past: raw materials and sober colors.

Take a trip down memory lane while retaining a resolutely modern atmosphere with a distinct character.

A combination of mineral and wood designs that takes the best from the past to create eye-catching surfaces.



An explosion of colors and patterns for fun-loving and creative people.

These vivid colors and vibrant designs are striking and breathtaking. Enhance your creativity with this wide range of options.

A real playground for your projects.



An industrial and street style that overturns the sports codes.

An urban influence inspired by rough concrete that will give your facility a modern look. The perfect solution for a multi-use application thanks to the masking aspect of the concrete designs.


MyTaraflex® is available across the whole Taraflex® range. Whether it is the high-performance sport floors or sport surfaces engineered for multipurpose activities: Taraflex® Surface, Taraflex® Evolution, Taraflex® Performance, Taraflex® Comfort.