As you are unique and each of your projects represents a new challenge, Gerflor gives you the chance to stand out by giving your floors your personality.


MyTaralay Digital Printing is composed by 3 customization options:

  1. Set the tone for your project by re-colouring the decor of your choice from the Taralay Impression range *among the 20 eligible decors
  1. Leave a big impression on the atmosphere that you create thanks to Gerflor’s unique collection of 50 designs that reflect the major decorative trends that are popular today. All of the customisable designs:
  2. Reinforce your company’s visual identity or that of your customers’ brand by printing your logo and/or your own designs.



  • NATURELANDSubtle and elegant contrasts to create a gentle and peaceful atmosphere


A return to basics and simplicity; these natural fibre designs create a relaxing atmosphere in which the colour green has several different tones.

Wood, minerals and air: let your projects breathe…


  • FOLK – A bohemian and welcoming mix of styles


A touch of bohemian, these designs with geometric patterns and colour schemes inspired by popular folklore, ancient cultures and encounters with people around the world, invite you to travel and to get away.

Your creativity knows no bounds.



  • FUN – An explosion of colour and patterns for fun-loving and creative people


Fun or educational, these patterns will not leave anyone indifferent. Your range of options becomes an ocean of creativity and a veritable playground.


  • RETRONAUTE – An industrial look inspired by New York lofts: raw materials and sober colours


Take a trip down memory lane while retaining a resolutely modern atmosphere with a distinct character. Lines and patterns that take the best from the past to create eye-catching designs.


All of the benefits of MyTaralay Impression:


– Unequalled stain resistance

Protecsol 2 surface treatment- patented Gerflor technology

Resistance to traffic & durable design

Best indentation/acoustic performance on the market

COMPACT: 0.03 mm / 8 dB

COMFORT: 0.08 mm / 19 dB

An ecologically responsible solution that contributes to air quality

100% recyclable product

TVOC emissions are 100 times lower than the normative requirements



* minimum order: 50 SQM (special pricing system)