People are not made to stay in one place forever. They are not trees with deep roots, but free birds meant to spread their wings at the right moment. For us, this is the moment!

It is time for Decor Floor Team to move into a new cozy nest, a place that can fit our personality, creativity and the young spirit of each and every teammate.

We are not going to lie; it was hard leaving so many memories behind: from funny conversations and having lunch together in that tiny kitchen to brilliant ideas born from nothing in our meeting room in Pipera. We don’t want to look back in nostalgia, because at the end of the day we remember to cherish every single moment that brought us joy and made us an authentic united group.

We wanted a place bold enough to match our goals, projects and dreams and AMA Design team was the right answer to all our questions.

“Let’s dream big!”, they said and with a concept inspired by our favorite carpet collections, this showroom became the ongoing fuel for our burning passion and a proper home for the most popular flooring products in the business: carpet, ceramics, pvc, linoleum, Kaza and many more.

With a vision well placed in our minds and hard work, we watched our beloved showroom coming to live in Hermes Business Campus building (Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd, no. 5-7, Bucharest, Romania).

This project is the closest to our hearts and we are so proud to reveal all the details and let YOU be part of our story! I know you can’t tell, but we are very excited!

Decor Floor’s showroom in Pipera area, Bucharest, during 2012 – 2018

Showroom Decor Floor starting September 2018