Decor Floor teams up with Inkiostro Bianco to deliver a complete outfit for the space (floor, walls, ceiling, and furnishing accessories).

Inkiostro Bianco is a brand, an ambitious project and a workshop of ideas applied to the design and production of decorative graphics, whose goal is to reinterpret the interior wall coverings for all surfaces. Pictorial art and digital graphics converge in the Inkiostro Bianco range to form original creations with a strong personality. This results in exciting canvases that transform surfaces into avant-garde design accessories. Decoration as a philosophy, as the dominant feature that characterizes the space, giving it a new look. A tool for expression, style and defining materials. When the decoration is removed, the surface is left bare — a bare space awaiting its identity.

New Undici Collection

New graphic designs for the engraved parquet collection, created by Inkiostrobianco and Listone Giordano

The innovative collection of laser-engraved parquet originated from the cooperation between Inkiostro Bianco and Listone Giordano expands the range of possible graphic designs. The collection is made up by three lines signed by designers and architects. Eleven (Undici) designs are included in each line: ten textures and one background.

The raw material is provided by Listone Giordano, while the laser engraved decoration is done by Inkiostro Bianco.