Connect to the calm of every indoor space through the adaptable, multipurpose design of Noraplan® Signa!     Begin with the universal benefits of lasting, high-performance rubber flooring. Add a range of accessories that creates complete flexibility and balance in every...

Integra B. Electronic self – sufficient hand – washing units

With the usual reliability experienced in almost 40 years of activity, Soema product innovations add ever more features; all dressed in an innovative design adaptable to different environments that however gives them distinctive personalities. INTEGRA B. ELECTRONIC SELF-SUFFICIENT HAND-WASHING UNITS INTEGRA-B...

“Wall in Love Again” Capsule Collection 2018

The new capsule collection from Inkiostro Bianco, Wall in Love Again, means conferring a new point of view to tell a story. A new path starting from old roots. What is already known finds lifeblood to bloom again in a...


This design research project is set in the context of a ‘wellbeing deficit’ in the UK workplace that has caused a loss of productivity through sickness and stress. This wellbeing deficit is part of a worldwide trend, leading to unprecedented...

Discover Gerflor Saga²

The unique comfort LVT featuring stunning and eyecatching decors. Specifications: Easy and quick installation: installation with tackifier Adapted for raised panels: removable Durable: 4,6mm thickness with reinforced calandered innerlayer to accept subfloor uneveness Cork underlayer that brings sound impact insulation...

KAZA Concrete – Colours

Kaza present their through-body colouring process. Kaza offers 24 base colours, in which the pigment is infused throughout the concrete mixture, supplemented with 6 metallic colour options. body > div.site-wrapper > section > div > div > div > p,...

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