On Tuesday, February 16th, BUCHAREST REAL ESTATE CLUB organized the Press Conference announcing the latest cumulated data on the new real estate investments on the Bucharest market.

The agenda of the event went through some of the most important topics in the Construction and Real Estate Market now. Relevant information, including insights about active investments, modern stock update, Urban Regeneration Projects and major investments that are completely changing the Bucharest Real Estate landscape, was discussed.

The post – pandemic trends that are rising on the office market were put under the microscope by major office market leaders. Octavian Moroianu, CEO Decor Floor, joined the distinguished debate group on the second day of the event. The speakers concluded that the capital of Romania has become a technology and innovation hub. The good news is that all participants seemed to agree that in the pandemic context and with the acceleration of digitalization it is expected that the main software and digital solutions companies will continue to accelerate they development.

According to Bucharest Real Estate Club – set up with the aim of enhancing the appeal of south-eastern European cities – ‘a private gentrification phenomenon is evolving in Bucharest’, with international and local investors transforming large unused plots of lands into new, vibrant communities.