FORMAT: 1500X250 mm

Open Mind is a customized wall cladding system made of hand-crafted panels for the decoration of prestigious locations such as hotel lobbies, meeting and reception rooms, management offices, mansions and residences. Inlays, geometries, interplay of colours and innovative original ideas for unconventional uses of wood are creatively used to turn normal walls into exclusive decorating art pieces.

Open Mind is a decorative wall covering that gives a second life to recycled materials. It is composed of wooden panels realized with unique and handcrafted processing. Wood is proposed in an original and nonconventional way thanks to inlays, designs, and colour effects to create a refined and exclusive space.

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SKEMA Vertical line includes also laminate wall coverings.

Fonika is a sound-absorbing covering system made of planks for the acoustic treatment of the environment available in the same decors of the Creative line, with different kinds of surfaces, such as resins, fabrics, treated metals, and various finishes. Tekna allows you to cover walls at different heights with the decors of the Creative line, offering the possibility of coordinating floor and wall within the same environment. It is also available in decors with gloss finish. Vertical line is also available with DF flame retardant support, in a range of selected decors.

Akustika is a system of sound absorbing staves and panels for wall and ceiling. They are available in various sizes and surface decors, and also with fire retardant properties.

Vertical Oximoro is the declination of the refined wooden floorings Essentia and Opera as wall covering.