Drawing its inspiration from watercolor painting, hand-sketching and drawing with ink, Milliken’s collection ‘Naturally Drawn’ was a perfect match for the colorful concept of ABB Offices @Green Court created by the energetic architects from Kinnarps.

The Hand Sketched design is offered with a companion, accessory design, Hand Sketched Transition. The Hand Sketched Transition design enables an effortless color flow from one Hand Sketched color into the next, without hard lines or distracting color breaks.

Sometimes blending complementary colors, sometimes merging contrasting colors, Hand Sketched Transition allows you to create a smooth and continuous flow of organically changing color across the floor plane of the ABB office.

Although, the design of the carpet orients the focus through it, we love the fact that this collection is capable of doing this without stealing the beauty of other elements of the space.

Project description:

  • Products: Milliken Naturally Drawn (Hand Sketched & Hand Sketched Transition), Gerflor Creation 55 XPRESS
  • Surface: 800 sqm
  • Architectural design & Project Management: Triptic Studio
  • Fit – Out: Kinnarps
  • Year: 2017



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