By adopting a captivating design and a selection of materials that advance with time, with attention to details that address the staff and the visitors’ needs, IC STUDIO architects imagined this project as an aesthetic and functional space with a sense of familiarity and a lot of style.

A wisely chosen colour palette turns AVA BISTRO into a visual experience that plays on the menu’s seasonality.

Two neutral shades from Factory collection by Leonardo Ceramica took over the flooring plan of this chic bistro. Created under the motto “Less is More”, these full body porcelain slabs embody the charm of raw concrete transposed into projects with a strong contemporary character.

The element of surprise comes from the wood effect ceramic range from Cerim. Hi-Wood reinterprets wood through a modern eye with linear aesthetics and a walnut design. Two diverse but closely linked textures fill AVA BISTRO with nature’s vibrant beauty.

To heighten this sensation of stepping into an unique location, the architects have chosen a rich collection of graphic details, a reinterpretation of Venetian terrazzo flooring which was historically used in prestigious Italian architecture. Le Veneziane di Cerim consists of high quality porcelain stonewares that ensure great practicality, durability and ease of installation.

The main focus of the ground floor is represented by a multifunctional furniture piece which serves as a live cooking work surface, a bar or a display for gastronomic events. This worktop is made of natural stone covered with a cork wallpaper which emphasizes the organic concept of the project.

The staircase improves connectivity across the two floors while emphasises the height of the ceiling. The focal point of this project is the Kaza Weave 3D concrete series, inspired by the undulating rhythmic imagery created by sand dunes. Best described as “liquid stone”, this product is simple in structure and repetitive in form through its tranquil simplicity.

As a final impression, this project boasts a unique pattern based on geometry, diverse structures and a fine selection of high quality materials.

Project description:

  • Products: Leonardo Ceramica Factory
    Kaza Weave
    Cerim Hi-Wood of Cerim
    Le Veneziane di Cerim
    JPS Cork Divina – R Series
  • Architectural Design: Dr. Arh. Ioana Corbu, IC STUDIO
    Arh. Dragos Puscasu, IC STUDIO
  • Surface: 225 SQM
  • Year: 2020



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