Take a look inside this co-working space created by Waltmann Architecture Bureau architects. The design of the headquarters needed to be explorative and immersive, encouraging occupants to move fluidly from a corner to another. Alternating different products and patterns across the office, encourage visitors to take a journey through shared working areas, individual spaces and closed meeting rooms.

The choosen interior design generates a comfortable vibe, while the space inspires us to see it as innovative and unique.

The flooring plan needed a timeless elegant material, whose delicacy of shades could give the space a strong sense of light that contrasts with the hardness of the stone. The experience of Rex Ardoise Noir collection manages to mix three dimensional texture and graphic movements in a play of optical effects that tells a precise story: a contrasting duality that clearly expresses personality.

Using a product with endless choises for customization, the architects took the decoration of the closed meeting rooms to the next level. Cladding it 360° with LVT is an amazing tool for building a memorable brand image that will positively shape the customer experience when entering such a clasic and natural scenario.

The architects seemed ready to abandon the traditional square and embrace the circle.

Being Cradle to Cradle® Silver level certified, DESSO AirMaster® Tones isn’t afraid to stand out and, with its on-trend design and textured effects, it can also deliver extraordinary sustainability and wellbeing features. Being the first and only carpet product with GUI Gold Plus label, this range allows designers to create centre-pieces, while promoting safer tile recycling.

The circular cut and the strong color scheme of this range can transform any regular open space into a dynamic work-zone that could be easily mistaken for a work of art.

Complexity, details, first choice materials, functionality and beauty are the keywords to describe this project.

Project description:

  • Products: Desso Airmaster Tones
    Gerflor Creation 70 LVT
    Rex Ardoise Noir Grip (cork backing)
    Rex Ardoise Noir 6mm
    Corksribas cork
  • Architectural Design: Waltmann Architecture Bureau
  • Surface: 8000 SQM
  • Year: 2019



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