Prographic Studio architects are thrilled to share their exciting “B.Home” concept for BITDEFENDER Headquarter located in Orhideea Towers. The stunning new office design is aligned to the company’s philosophy of Smart Working where boundaries have been removed and the various workstations, suited for individual and group projects, are encouraging an open and transparent sharing of information.

Office flooring is no longer just something to tread on – these days it embodies brand values or even boosts staff wellbeing. Created with versatility in mind, the highly functional Essence carpet collection from Desso with its bold nuances, offers affordable excellence and endless creative scope for commercial interiors.

Brilliantly showcasing the outstanding design possibilities, the architects have chosen the playful Fixation collection combined with a neutral toned carpet to add a spark of energy to the conference room and closed meeting rooms. Besides its dynamic palette of pastel nuances, this collection delivers unique performance that leaves a lasting impression.

Big companies are investing a lot in the well-being of their employees because feeling comfortable and happy at the workplace matters just as much as having the right equipment to get the job done.

Project description:

  • Products: Milliken Fixation
    Milliken Formwork 2.0
    Milliken Rogue Knit
    Milliken Initio Function Plus
    Desso Essence
    Desso Torso
    Gerflor Creation 55
    Gerflor Mipolam Cosmo
  • Surface: 7198.62 SQM
  • Architectural Design: Prographic Architecture Studio
  • Year: 2018



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