The new CON-A OFFICES @SIBIU, created by talented CONDESIGN team, has a simple and minimalistic vibe with a monochrome palette. The architectural design is highlighted by the natural light coming through high windows. The catchy aesthetics are based on simple shapes and volumes.

The interior fosters a pro-social atmosphere, building engagement and efficiency among employees. The open space is divided by glass partitions that provide focus and peace of mind right in the middle of a chaotic day. Ecological design is an important factor here and greenery isn’t the only way to bring nature into the office. Wood, which is one of the most preferred natural materials in office design, acts as a stress-reducing button and has a positive impact on the well-being of the staff.

For the flooring plan, the architects have chosen a collection which celebrates the modern craft movement.

Inspired by an age-old weaving technique, the nostalgic Milliken Crafted Series collection is highly functional, resistant and truly unique, allowing for experimentation with tonal movement, light and shades. The 50×50 cm tiles feature 90% recycled content cushion backing, which not only offers underfoot comfort but also improves acoustics.

It can also be supplied with TractionBack for adhesive-free installation and by elliminating the need for adhesives, the quality of indoor air is improved and the material usage is reduced.

Identification with the company is modest but expressive enough to complement the office space.

Project description:

  • Products: Milliken Crafted Series Modern Maker
  • Architectural design: CONDESIGN
  • Surface: 335 SQM
  • Year: 2019



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